This New Passenger Plane Has No Middle Seats

Photo courtesy of Embraer

Between lost luggage and delayed departures, bland food and wailing babies, there’s a long list of things to dread about flying. However, Brazilian plane manufacturer Embraer has set out to solve one of those major airline annoyances: middle seats. The new E190-E2 plane, which can accommodate 150 passengers, features a two-by-two format, meaning there are no middle seats (read: more legroom and luggage storage space). Nicknamed the Profit Hunter, it’s currently being used by Scandinavian Airlines’ regional subsidiary, Wideroe, though the company is hoping to attract airlines searching for new fleets.

“Preserving passenger personal space is the goal,” Rodrigo Silva e Souza, vice president of marketing for Embraer Commercial Aviation, told CNN Travel. Overhead bins also get an upgrade with 40 percent more room to accommodate bigger carry-on bags. This, along with larger windows, are designed to give the feel “of being on a larger aircraft.” Additionally, it’s the most fuel-efficient single-aisle aircraft on the market, with fewer emissions, according to Embraer. 

And if that wasn’t enough to grab your attention, perhaps the head-turning paint job, showcasing a shark face complete with menacing jaws, will do the trick. But this isn’t the first time Embraer has done something wild -- literally and figuratively. Its E195-E2 aircraft is emblazoned with an eagle face, and the E190-E2 features a ferocious tiger. As for the no middle seats, though, there's nothing scary about that.

Photo courtesy of Embraer

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