15 Resorts Right on Nature Reserves for Earth Day


It's Earth Day on Friday and, as each year passes it seems, we become more aware of the impact our day-to-day goings on -- and our travels -- can have on our planet. We here at Oyster.com believe that the more you see of the world, the better you understand it, particularly its needs -- and its natural beauty that we need to protect. Fortunately, the hotel industry in particular has led the way with green initiatives (that actually can save you some green, too), and many hotels proudly wear the title of being LEED-certified. But if you really want to go all out for Earth Day this year, we recommend a stay at one of these 15 cool resorts and hotels around the world that sit right on beautiful nature preserves.

P.S. And don't think these getaways are just for Earth Day; we recommend going green (and going on adventures!) year-round. 

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