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Santa Barbara, California, United States
Celebrities always travel in style, and we love checking out where they stay when on a getaway from the spotlight. So in this honeymoon edition of our celeb watch, we explore the gorgeous hotels where some of our favorite celebs celebrated their first days of wedded bliss. Sure, some didn't last, but it's not like these hotels are to blame. In fact, they're probably responsible for the happiest days of the marriage! Here are eight hotels that hosted newlywed stars. The Celebs: JFK and Jackie Kennedy, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Julia Roberts and Danny Moder The Details: Back in 1953, the former president and his new bride paid just $27 to spend a night at this luxurious resort as they traveled from Acapulco up the Californian coast. Nowadays, the suite (renamed after the couple) goes for thousands a night; Lopez and Anthony booked the same room for their honeymoon in 2004.

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