23 Stunning Ocean Views in the World's Most Exotic Destinations


Okay we hate to say it, but beautiful ocean views are a dime a dozen. Now, that’s not to say that scoring a hotel room with a stunning ocean view won’t cost you a pretty penny. But since Oyster.com covers over 20,000 hotels (and counting), we’ve seen gorgeous ocean view after gorgeous ocean view at properties from Hawaii to the Caribbean. Fortunately, we never tire of these lookouts, and we get to enjoy new ones every day. And, as we expand our coverage, these ocean views also get more expansive – and can be found in more far-flung locales like Zanzibar, the Maldives, and Koh Tao.  So while we love a good beach stay in Miami, today we’re bringing you on a tour of 23 stunning ocean views in…wait for it…the world’s most exotic destinations.

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