15 Cottage Stays in the U.S. That Are Perfect for a Spring or Summertime Trip


Often, "cottage" calls to mind a quaint little cabin in the woods, where you can curl up with cocoa by the fire as you watch the snow flurries outside. And this scene is, of course, accurate. But while snow eventually melts away, cottages stay -- and they can be just the spot for a summertime escape as well. 

There are lots of reasons to choose a cottage stay once things warm up; you can squeeze in the whole family (after all, the kids are out of school soon), you can enjoy the surrounding greenery, and you can either take advantage of lower off-season prices (depending on the destination) or pay a bit of a premium (that many say is worth it) for those cooler summertime temps that you can find in cottage-studded mountain locales. Either way, we say a cottage stay can make for a great U.S. getaway this spring and summer. Here are 15 of our favorites across the country. 

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