Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive & Spa 4.0

North Hotel Zone, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco
Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico's most picturesque beach destinations, with historic white-washed buildings and cerulean seas set against a rugged mountain skyline. There are plenty of activities, from salsa clubs to water sports, to keep you busy -- day and night -- in this sizzling locale. So you're going to deserve a day of utter relaxation before heading back to reality. And that's where these luxe spas come into play. Whether you're getting a massage beachside or steaming it up in the sauna, you're guaranteed to feel rejuvenated when you leave one of these ultra-luxe spas in Puerto Vallarta. First up is Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta. This spacious resort close to downtown guarantees that every room has at least a partial ocean view. In-room treatments are available, but the best way to soak in the view? Doing so while getting a first-rate massage in this quaint beachside palapa.

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