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Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
Feeling relaxed in the creative city of Santa Fe just became that much easier thanks to these luxe hotel spas: A relaxing, peaceful atmosphere envelopes Ten Thousand Waves, as it is situated in a secluded mountainside forest outside of Santa Fe. Nature is always close at hand, with towering trees surrounding the Japanese-style "onsen" spa and 12 guest rooms. This isn't your typical spa hotel with a quiet, solemn atmosphere -- it’s more fun. Children are welcome and pets are even allowed in some guest rooms. The property serves as both a day spa and destination spa, with a variety of communal and private soaking tubs available. Kimonos, lockers, and showers are provided, as well as use of a relaxation room and a foot bath for guests who are waiting for a massage or treatment from one of the many professional therapists on hand.

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